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How This Application Calculates the Forge Points Needed to Secure Positions


This 1.9 calculator aims to accurately provide the precise amount Forge Points (FPs) required for securing various positions at any arc bonus rate in the game. Unlike other calculators that often show the same required FP to secure P1 and P2, this calculator reveals that the amounts are often mathematically different assuming the positions are posted in seqential order.

FOE Calculator's Algorithm:

Cost to secure position = currentRequiredFP − (2 x reward) + sum of all previous rewards


Let's consider an Arc at level 80. The currentRequiredFP is 5464, and we want each position at 1.9.

Cost to Secure Position 1

5464 - (2 x 2613) + 0 = 238

Cost to Secure Position 2

5464 - (2 x 1311) + 2613 = 229

Cost to Secure Position 3

5464 - (2 x 437) + 2613 + 1311 = 666

Cost to Secure Position 4

5464 - (2 x 114) + 2613 + 1311 + 437 = 875

Cost to Secure Position 5

5464 - (2 x 19) + 2613 + 1311 + 437 + 845 = 951

As demonstrated, the FP needed to secure positions 1 and 2 is not mathematically the same — 238 for position 1 and 229 for position 2.

Why the Difference Matters

While the difference between securing positions 1 and 2 is often not much, this calculator aims for mathematical precision. This slight difference may not always impact your gameplay, it is generally good practice to secure P1 and P2 before posting your spots to a thread. However, this application is a calculator, so precise figures are shown.

Calcluating with Alternative Multipliers (1.92, 1.95, 1.97, etc)

This calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the cost to lock spots on a Great Building with any combination of multipliers. Many guilds have separate threads that correspond to different Arc bonuses. For example, my guild has a 1.95 thread for P1 and P2 on Arcs, Observatories, and AI Cores. This makes it cheaper for members to level these Great Buildings by reducing their personal investment.

Let's say you're leveling your Arc and you plan to post your first two spots to your guild's 1.95 thread, all you have to do is either click on the up arrow on the calculator's Multiplier field or click into the field and add a 5 after 1.9. The calculator will adjust accordingly for subsequent positions P3, P4, and P5 at the normal 1.9 rate. You would then scroll down to the Thread Post Options, copy the post that includes P1 and P2 only, and paste it into your guild's 1.95 thread.

As long as you click save, you can safely close the application while you wait for your P1 and P2 spots to fill. When you're ready to post P3, P4, and P5 to the 1.9 thread, the thread post for those will be waiting for you when you come back to the app.

Great Building Data Source

FOE Calculator does not use an API to get Great Building data. To build this calculator I had to gather and validate all of the data manually. Inno Games does not offer a public API, and I don't have an inside connection with anyone that works there. If this changes, I will publish an announcement. Updates to FOE Calculator's core GB data will be logged on this page.

Development Updates